Artist Statement:

With an innate eye for detail. I approach my art in search of the unseen and unexpected. At the market, fruits and vegetables present themselves as a medium. Re-imagining materials with milk pouring as fertility and bodily fluids to fruit play representing self love. The ripe flesh of a fruit tearing like skin peeling and, blood oozing when a cherry pops.


Surrealism informs my vision at the foundation of much of my work, especially in painting and drawing my anthropomorphic creatures. Current still lifes allude to altar spaces where the beauty of objects are capsulized, displaying offerings of abundance and luxury as well as representing the wilting of time and cycles of life. Stages in sequences captured in explicit images, immortalized moments in film and photography.


I work to reclaim women’s sexuality in art, evoking the female gaze, confronting the male gaze and the concept of the “muse” by personifying female archetypes. Having transcended the typical use of social media, my fruit art series has become by way of censorship a new style of art, an act of protest and a performance art in it’s own respect. Approaching my work with humor and absurdity there’s a naughty playfulness in every aspect of my art. Symbolism is heavily used in my work with an ambiguous nature that leaves it open for interpretation.


-Stephanie Sarley


 Background in fine art illustration, painting, intaglio and lithography, portraiture, stone sculpture and masonry, digital arts, and tattoo art. Currently working in paintings, drawing, film and photography.

Upcoming exhibitions:

Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig – January 11th – April 8th

Museum Jan Cunen – February 24th – September 16.

Showing photography and film.

Group exhibitions 2018.

More TBA

Gather Journal Winter edition 2017

Best of the East Bay Artist 2016

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Art featured on Canal + L’Emission D’Antoine French T.V show – 2017

Video art feature in The Guardian’s Vagina Didspatches episode three – 2016

Backdrop Art for Canal + l’emission d’Antoine French T.V show – 2016

Elle Brasil December 2016

Art magazine Hamburg December 2016

Hatezine 3 – 2016

WAD Magazine  #69 – 2016

Glamcult #119 – 2016

Hatezine 2 – 2016

Artwork for Vice Munchies 2015

Werkartz Group showing  2017

SOMA gallery Berlin Solo exhibition 2016